History of

First Missionary Baptist Church

Victor E. Salyer was born in Albert, Oklahoma, May 18, 1911. He was saved, along with his wife Florence, in a home church meeting in Bakersfield, California, on December 25, 1938. He was baptized by the Ford City MBC in Taft, California, on December 28, 1938. He surrendered to the ministry in March of 1940, and was licensed to preach the same month. He was endorsed as a missionary in April of 1940, by the Gloria Gardens MBC, Downey, California, and ordained by Tracy MBC in 1943.

   Brother Salyer helped in organizing South Gate MBC. He worked with Elder R. Y. Blalock in 1944 to organize churches at Rodeo and Concord, California. As a missionary, he organized Escalon MBC and Eastside MBC, Stockton, in 1947. He worked with Brother R. Y. Blalock to organize the Winston MBC and Easton MBC in 1947, First MBC in Manteca in 1948, Wilmington MBC in 1953 and Buena Park MBC in 1954.

Brother Salyer pastored the Antioch MBC, 1943 - 45, Valley Center MBC, 1945 - 46, and Tracy MBC 1946. He was endorsed as a missionary by the Oakdale MBC in 1947 and pastored as missionary pastor for all the churches he organized.

   He pastored the Walla Walla MBC in Walla Walla, Washington, in 1951, Buena Park MBC in 1954, and Blythe MBC in 1960. Brother Salyer assisted several revivals in the State of California and moderated the Desert Association of Southern California, 1960 - 61.

   Brother Salyer was a member of the Shasta MBC in Redding, California, at the time of his death. As long as he was able, he loved to preach and to sing. When his failing health no longer permitted either, he encouraged others. He conducted a telephone ministry from his home until his death. He went home to be with the Lord May 7, 1989; he leaves his wife of 54 years, Florence.


   Brother Victor E. Salyer was sent out by the Oakdale MBC. The Minutes read: Minutes of the Organization of the First MBC of Manteca, Ca. September 10, 1948. 

   Ordained help from 20 sister Churches met in Manteca California in response to a call from Elder V. E. Salyer to council in the organization of a Missionary Baptist Church. The Charter members were received by letter from the Oakdale MBC (5); the Escalon MBC (9); and the Riverbank MBC (2).


Pastor’s of the First Missionary Baptist Church:



1. George Walton, 1948-1951

2. Charles Oliver, 1951

3. Arly McGee, 1951-1954

4. George Walton, 1954-1958

5. Jess Crawford, 1958-1964

6. Earl Walker, 1964-1965

7. John Sloate, 1965-1966

8. Howard Estus, 1966-1970

9. Bill Fritz, 1970-1972

10. M. F. Downing, 1972-1974

11. Loren Morell, 1974-1975

12. Charles Spain, 1975-1985

13. Levi Stockton III, 1985-1986

14. Randy Rankin, 1986-1988

15. Clint Wilkins, 1989-1995

16. Floyd Jack Counts Sr, 1996-1999

17. Chad Whitely, 2000-2007

18. Mark Williams, 2007-2020


19. Walter Petree II, 2020—current