Thank you for visiting!

   Thank you for visiting our Website: To all present and past visitors, “Welcome!”  We are a New Testament Church that preaches “Christ crucified and resurrected for the sins of mankind.”  This is known to many as the “gospel or good news” of the Bible.  It is our responsibility before the living God to share this good news about Jesus Christ with our neighbors, friends and families.  If indeed you have visited our services, our prayer would be that you found this to be a true statement and that you also received a blessing by attending.  We sincerely want to encourage and teach you the truths of God’s Holy Word as it was taught to the apostles and disciples those many years ago.  We do not want to present ourselves as being perfect or holier than anyone, but we do serve a perfect God who through His wonderful grace and mercy has blessed us with the opportunity and privilege to serve Him and if you will allow, serve you too.  If you are searching for a church family, needing encouragement, counseling, and genuine Godly love, please visit or contact our Pastor (530-227-5001).  We would love to share with you the Godly love that was once shared with us by passionate and persuasive Christians.  We are not an arm twisting congregation of saints, but we are actively endeavoring to please our heavenly Father in the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the church.  We extend to you an open invitation to our services. 


   Thank you for visiting our Website: If you have never visited our church, we earnestly offer you an invitation to come and see.  “Come as you are” allows Jesus Christ, through the teaching of His Word, to touch your heart and change your life if you choose to let Him.  The church in its truest form is not a right but a Godly privilege extended to mankind by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.  His resurrection seals the souls of the believers on His name, forever.  We the First Missionary Baptist Church of Manteca are a group of sinners who have been saved by the marvelous grace of Jesus Christ.  We have been called and assembled together as ambassadors for our Lord Jesus to go to a sin laden and dying world.  Every ministry and message presented by this church has its origin in the Holy Word of God.  We will love, encourage, and support you, as you seek to follow God’s direction in your life.  We truly look forward to growing in the grace and knowledge of God’s Word with you.  Should you have any questions, feel free to visit or contact our Pastor.  (530-227-5001)


The question has been asked, "What should I wear?"

The answer is:  We have no formal dress code, however, a request for modest apparel in the eyes of man and God is encouraged.  Our men members wear slacks or jeans with nice shirts and some may even wear jackets, but it is not necessary.  Our women members wear dresses, skirts, or nice blouses with slacks.  We want all our visitors to feel comfortable in our worship services.  Our focus should be on true worship and praising God not allowing outward appearances to distract from worship and the preaching of the Word of God.


"It truly was a privilege to visit First Missionary Baptist Church while vacationing in California.  I enjoyed Sunday School and both morning & evening services.  Pastor Williams is spot on with delivering God's Word.  All three services allowed the Holy Spirit to minister to my heart and spirit.  I hope if you live in this area you will visit this church.  I am sure you too will be blessed by God's Word."

- Jeannie C.

This church means a lot to me because it is the House of the Lord; and I know this is where our God wants me to be.  This is where he set my heart to be taught from His Word.  I know that God has a plan for me, and He has a reason for me to be a part of this church.


- Nathan C.

In August of 2011, my wife and I became members of First Missionary Baptist Church of Manteca.  We could not be baptized in the church baptistry because of physical limitations.  The church made arrangements for us to be baptized in a pool.  Seven months later my wife went home to the Lord, again the church supported me through my time of grief by sharing God's mercy and grace.  


I have been involved with many different churches in my life; but this tight knit gathering of believers truly exhibit the teachings of God's Word.  His love, compassion, and understanding.


Please come as you are and be welcomed, as my wife and I were, with the open arms of a loving and merciful God shown by His people.

- Dave T.

Coming to church is not the way to heaven, but I'm so thankful that there is a place we can come to to worship God in His spirit and truth.  His Word says:


"Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen." - Ephesians 3:21


- Carmen C.